Practical information


Fees of consultation, treatment, medication or surgery can be payed directly after. This can be done so in cash or by PIN (Maestro/V pay).
In the case of extended research or surgery, we can make an estimate of the costs in advance.
We do not work with accounts.
De general terms and conditions of the Koninklijke Nerderlandse Maatschappij voor Diergeneeskunde, are applied to our treatments and policies.


Prescribed medication can’t be brought back, because of health and hygiene reasons.
You can however offer us these to be destroyed by us without charge.

House call

You can make an appointment for a house call, but in most cases it is wiser to visit the clinic with your pet.
While we have all the medical necessities to care for your pet.
In case of euthanasia we understand you’d prefer a house call and this can be arranged.
But it is good to know that we have a separate, shielded space. Where you can say goodbye to your beloved pet.
And where we take the time and let you take your time.

Telephone consultation

Sometimes we can hold a consultation throughout the phone. Depending on the length and nature of the conversation, fees may apply.


Consultation:  51.50,-
Consultation + Cocktail:   79.00,-
Consultation + Cocktail + Kennel cough :  104.00,-
Consultation + Rabies:  94.00,-

Castration male:    99.50,-
Castration female: 197.50,-

Rabbit/Guinea pig
Castration male:    135.50,-
Castration female: 195.50,-

Prices are an estimation and can fluctuate
Castration male:
<15 kg:     280,-
15-25 kg:  300,-
25-40 kg: 320,-
>40 kg:    340,-

Castration female:
<15 kg:     430,-
15-25 kg:  455,-
25-40 kg: 480,-
>40 kg:    500,-

Dental treatment standard 30 min: 245,- ex. painkillers
Dental treatment extra per 15 min: 25,-


If you have any questions or encounter a problem in our communication, then please inform us about that as soon as possible.
When presented with a clear explanation, we can counter issues and improve our service.

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